LG’s MAGNIT DVLED Display is comprised of a colorful mosaic of Micro LED chips that can deliver stunning images as the content creator intended. Vivid colors, breathtaking contrast, and ultra-fine detail combine to produce eye-catching images that immerse viewers and create a memorable experience. Bring your imagination to life with LG MAGNIT.

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Ford AV has partnered with LG to deploy thousands of custom integrated business solutions. Direct-View LED allows your meeting to occur with the shades up and lights on—perfect for digital signage, image magnification, conference rooms, welcome centers, executive briefing centers, and more.

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All-in-One Fine Pitch

All-in-One LED Screen is an ideal display for building hassle-free meeting room environments. Host meetings with ease with simple setup, high performance SoC with webOS™, and display mobility.


Studio Series

Ultimate Business Display

Deep Black Technology delivers striking contrast and vivid colors. MAGNIT displays utilize LG’s full black coating technology to deliver deep black levels and an impressive contrast ratio.
Alpha 7 Intelligent Processor analyzes content and optimizes image clarity and sharpness. It works with an image sensor to deliver the appropriate display brightness level.


Vivid Color Expression

Over one billion color possibilities

Incredible HDR10 and Viewing Angles

Support for HDR10 and HDR10 Pro content reveals vivid images, thanks to enhanced dynamic tone mapping that produces a wider color spectrum of over one billion color possibilities. Viewers will be captivated by content displayed in stunning realism.

Meanwhile, incredible viewing angles give everyone the “best seat in the house”. Wide 160° horizontal and vertical viewing angles minimize off-axis viewing color distortions and ensure that viewers will experience outstanding image reproduction no matter where they sit.

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