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The Power of Two: Ford AV + 22Miles

Scalable Solutions | Ford AV’s wide range of display options and 22Miles’ adaptable platform cater to any space and budget.

Enhanced Wayfinding | Guide visitors effortlessly with clear and interactive digital wayfinding powered by 22Miles.

Engaging Content Creation | Access to 22Miles’ vast library of content templates and design tools, or leverage Ford AV’s custom content creation services.

Seamless Integration | Ford AV’s expertise in installation and service, seamlessly paired with 22Miles’ intuitive software for a unified experience.

Data-Driven Insights | Gain valuable data and analytics from your signage to optimize content and measure success.

The Ford AV + 22Miles Difference

22Miles is the global leader in cross-functional digital signage solutions. Our flexible system is a forward-thinking platform for organizations and facilities of all markets, providing digital connectivity, visual communications, media management, and adaptive multi-point interactive experiences.

Ford AV is America’s leading audiovisual solutions integrator. With over 50 years of experience, we are the complete technology provider for the nation’s top enterprise brands.

Limelight Hotel Lobby

Unleash Limitless Content Experiences. Effortlessly.

Say goodbye to complex content management. 22Miles makes creating, managing, and displaying stunning visuals a breeze.

Intuitive Software | Our platform is easy to use, even for non-technical users.

Endless Possibilities | From digital signage to interactive wayfinding, the options are limitless.

Seamless Integration | Connect with existing systems for a truly unified experience.

Indeed Main Lobby - Houston

Transform your content. Simplify your life.

Hardware Compatibility

Tired of compatibility headaches? 22Miles and Ford AV deliver a seamless digital signage solution built for performance.

Guaranteed Compatibility | Ford AV’s rigorously tested hardware ensures flawless integration with 22Miles’ intuitive software platform.

Effortless Installation | Focus on what matters – your message, not the setup. Ford AV’s expert installation team takes care of everything.

Unmatched Flexibility | 22Miles’ platform supports a wide range of display options, ensuring a perfect fit for any space.

22Miles & Ford AV | Your dream team for a frustration-free digital signage experience.

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