Multiple Global Locations

With over 13,000 global employees working in over forty-five countries, Indeed uses extensive AV technology to impact the workplace community.


  • Digital Signage | Direct-view LED displays provide a large, bright, and versatile platform to deploy important messaging in multiple languages
  • Community Rooms | Includes broadcast PTZ cameras, image magnification displays, as well as stages with television lighting and zoned sound systems
  • AI-Driven Video Conferencing | Hundreds of meeting spaces facilitate 4–40+ attendees, utilizing AI features for auto framing, tracking, camera switching, background noise filtering, voice recognition, as well as beam-forming ceiling mics that increase speech intelligibility


Owner: Indeed

General Contractor: Varies by location

Consultant: Varies by location

AV Design-Build Contractor: Ford Audio-Video Systems

Ford AV has deployed thousands of custom solutions for meeting rooms across the U.S. Let our experts help make sure your next technology solution is a success.

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