Mattress Firm

Houston, Texas

Mattress Firm is a mattress store chain that grew to become one of America’s largest retail organizations in the country. The new “bed”quarters has 35 different integrated conference rooms to facilitate meetings with stores, vendors, and clients.


  • 3×3 video wall, consisting of nine displays for visual presentations in the multipurpose space
  • Microsoft Teams Rooms utilize custom integrated touch panels for easy and standardized control
  • PTZ cameras are integrated into the conference room systems to capture those who are presenting
  • Conference room beam-forming ceiling array microphones continuously digitally detect and adjust to optimize the audio for the person(s) speaking


Owner: Mattress Firm

Architect: TVS Designs

General Contractor: Trademark/HITT

Consultant: Waveguide

AV Design-Build Contractor: Ford Audio-Video Systems

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