Intelligent Video – The AI-Powered Meeting

The way we work has changed drastically in recent years. With the rise and normalizing of remote work and hybrid meetings, businesses are looking for solutions to keep staff connected and engaged. AI-driven meeting rooms offer a solution that is both innovative and effective.

They use artificial intelligence to automate many of the tasks involved in video conferencing, and level the playing field for meeting attendees in the conference room or participating remotely.

AI-Powered Meeting

New AI-powered collaboration technology ignites teamwork and active engagement in meetings using artificial intelligence to automate many of the tasks involved in video conferencing. These features work flawlessly with the most popular platforms including Microsoft Teams Rooms, Zoom Rooms, Cisco Webex Rooms, and more.


Automatically keep participants in frame during a video call. Microsoft Intelliframe detects when people join or leave the meeting and reframes the video to best show the active participants.


Automatically follows the person speaking, keeping them in the center of the frame. This improves the meeting experience by making it easier to see the person who is presenting even when they are walking around.

People Recognition

AI recognizes the face of a participant and name/label them in the video layout, highlight them when they are speaking, record attendance, detect absences, and prevent unauthorized access.

Noise Cancellation

AI identifies and removes unwanted background noise, so everyone can hear clearly.


Automatically switches between two or more cameras during a video call by detecting who is speaking, the participants’ location, and the overall composition of the video.


Automatically transcribes the meeting in real time with amazing accuracy, assisting with meeting notes, documenting what was said for later reference, ability to share meeting notes—improving collaboration.


Using advanced AI self-diagnostics, devices can identify and report issues and automatically perform actions to repair itself.

Meeting Room Management

Cloud-based room management allows organizations to monitor and manage their meeting room hardware from anywhere.

Voice Control

Provides control of the meeting room lights, screen, camera, audio, and other features by simply speaking the command, using Microsoft Cortana.

The Modern Workplace

Industry leaders sound off about how AI is changing the modern workplace. They represent the AI video innovators, whose solutions let you do it smarter and better.

Game-Changing Benefits

“The ability to have an Intelligent Recap of a missed meeting with speaker attribution and clearly outlined action items is a game changer. AI will continue to enhance the way we meet and work and will offer a co-pilot to aid in our overall productivity while empowering us to achieve more.“
– Randall Schwab | Microsoft

The Equitable Meeting

“AI features provide balance between remote meeting attendees and those in the conference room by responding in real time for more immersive meetings.“
– Patrick Masterton | Jabra

A New Frontier

“Intelligent audio and video are the next frontier for hybrid work, enabling a greater sense of equality and inclusion in video calls. At Crestron, we are constantly pushing to bring new capabilities to today’s digital workplace, facilitating better meetings and enhancing the workplace experience.”
– Brad Hintze | Crestron

Data-Driven Diagnostics

“The impact of AI on meetings will be far-reaching with benefits for meeting room management.  AI can improve employee safety by tracking occupancy levels, maximize space utilization using data to identify underutilized rooms and tracks meeting room device status to notify IT if a device is not functioning properly.”
– Jason Welsh | Logitech

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