Sony Crystal LED

Sony Crystal LED, sold by Ford AV

The future of digital signage and video walls has arrived. After winning Best of Show at InfoComm 2016 and ISE 2017, Sony’s highly anticipated Crystal LED video canvas technology is set to hit the market. Sony is years ahead of the curve with this one. The robust features of this premiere product are currently unmatched.

In April, it was announced that Ford AV will be one of the select few authorized dealers/integrators of Sony’s Crystal LED technology Ford is excited to have the opportunity to work with Sony and push the entire AV industry forward.

What makes the Sony canvas technology so spectacular? It is all in the ultra-fine, red, green and blue LEDs built into the display. And when I say “ultra-fine” think of an LED that is half the thickness of a strand of your hair (0.003 mm2). Sony nearly split the atom when constructing these LEDs. Sony’s Crystal LED technology boasts a contrast ratio of roughly 1,000,000:1 at 1,000 nits of brightness. Compare that to a 4,000:1 ratio at 450 nits of brightness for other state-of-the-art LED monitors. A screen capable of 250 times the previous pixel ratio limit and more than double the brightness will generate a never-before-seen range of digital color that will wow its viewers.

Viewing angle is a top priority when considering any substantial video wall solution. Here again, Sony’s Crystal LED technology blows away its competition with a viewing angle of 180-degrees (the mathematical limit for a one-sided display). A 180-degree viewing angle creates a full-panoramic experience for viewers no matter where they are standing relative to the screen. When it comes to designing a large video wall for “off-axis viewing,” extreme viewing angles become particularly crucial to success. Off-axis viewing is defined as observing an image onscreen without standing perpendicular to the center of the display. A 180-degree viewing angle constitutes corner-to-corner image uniformity with regards to brightness and color, relieving any off-axis viewing concerns.

Another exciting, new facet of Sony’s Crystal LED technology is that the video panels are completely bezel-less. That means the 15 7/8” x 17 7/8” panels that make up the video wall can be assembled seamlessly, just like a puzzle. For instance, imagine that you wanted to create an impressive, 4K video wall solution to cover a 16×9 ft. wall. Ford would simply need to install twelve (12) columns by six (6) rows of panels, and afterwards you would still have the liberty to add or reorganize panels as you please. With seamless panel connections complementing an infinitesimal pixel ratio, viewers will perceive the most vivid and detailed content as if the video wall was one uniform display.

If aesthetics and extreme attention to detail are of vital importance to your organization and its branding, Sony’s Crystal LED technology is sure to meet your needs and exceed expectations. This truly innovative technology serves as a powerful investment to make your message stand out. Spectators and customers alike will engage with your brand in a way that flirts with reality. Imagine walking up to and interacting with a life-sized great white shark swimming powerfully through the ocean or a beautiful sports car burning rubber on the track. The pixel pitch of the new technology is so ultra-fine that no matter how close your viewers get all they will see is a crystal clear image that captures every curve, glimmer, and detail. Sony provides a visual experience that no other product on the market is capable of. Sony’s Crystal LED technology is certain to “wow” every passerby, client, and business partner, compelling them to further connect with your brand and remember your name.