House of Worship and Microsoft Teams

Has your church experienced the difficulty of deploying video conferencing to volunteer leaders? 

Many church congregants working from home routinely use web conferencing tools to remain connected. Volunteers look to church leaders to provide an easy-to-use and effective tool to continue working with their small groups, Bible studies, training classes, committee meetings and more!

Microsoft has developed a powerful solution that enables more than just video meetings.  Many of your ministry leaders already use Microsoft Teams in their workplace and will be familiar with its ease of use and its many management and communication features.

A Platform You May Already Own

If you use Microsoft 365 in the church office, you may already own Microsoft Teams.   Teams goes beyond a Zoom meeting and becomes a robust ministry building tool that provides secure web conferencing from any device, as well as management tools that monitors participation, shares files and integrates seamlessly with Office.  If needed, Ford AV can provide additional Teams licenses, which are only required for leaders who set up meetings.

Grow & Engage

The need to provide volunteer ministry leaders and members with a conferencing tool is a new necessity that requires cloud-based meeting experiences for:

  • VBS
  • Bible Studies
  • Small Groups
  • Sunday School
  • Financial Peace Classes
  • Training & Leadership Classes
  • Committee & Elder Meetings

Teams offers solid, easy-to-use video conferencing that is set up by a leader using the church’s Teams license. Video and presentations can be easily shared using desktop or mobile devices from anywhere in the world.

More Than Video

Teams offers many additional features that will build and manage your ministry. 

  • Microsoft Planner provides robust project management software to help volunteer leaders and staff to stay on top of critical dates of tasks, events and projects.
  • Shared Files can be securely uploaded and simultaneously edited for easy collaboration for each team.
  • Office Integration allows users to easily synchronize their Outlook Calendar so meetings can be joined and viewed both from Outlook Calendar on Teams, Outlook or their phone.
  • Unified Communication means MS Teams can be installed on your phone so you can access the same features including joining a call from your mobile device.
  • Security means others cannot access your meeting if they were not invited.
  • Metrics are provided to help track meeting participation and monitor activities.
  • Any Device, Anywhere allows Teams to be installed on your phone, tablet or desktop so leaders and church members can continue to work together from anywhere in the world.

If your church already uses Microsoft products, consider using Teams to help grow and manage your ministry.  It’s easy, secure and already familiar to your lay ministry leaders.

Ford AV is America’s Top Church Technology Solution Provider and an Authorized dealer of Microsoft Products. Talk with a Ford Representative and learn how Teams can help your church ministry.