Wellshire Presbyterian Church

Denver, Colorado Wellshire Presbyterian Church serves the community of Wellshire in Denver, CO through outreach and service. Their use of creative arts to convey their message of hope uses high levels of technology to impact their congregation. Features Participants Owner: Wellshire Presbyterian Church AV Design-Build Contractor: Ford Audio-Video Systems

House of Worship and Microsoft Teams

Has your church experienced the difficulty of deploying video conferencing to volunteer leaders?  Many church congregants working from home routinely use web conferencing tools to remain connected. Volunteers look to church leaders to provide an easy-to-use and effective tool to continue working with their small groups, Bible studies, training classes, committee meetings and more! Microsoft … Read more

Odessa Christian Faith Center

Odessa Christian Faith Center

Odessa Christian Faith Center completed expansion of their main campus that includes a 1,200 seat worship facility, book store and broadcast facility. Moving to a new worship center, with room to expand, was a fresh start for Odessa Christian Faith Center (OCFC). Serving 5,000 members every weekend is no small task and OCFC does it … Read more

The Assembly at Broken Arrow

The Assembly

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma The Assembly is an expansive 50,000 SF space that hosts services, events and classes every week. Ford AV was hired to design and install new HDSDI video production systems, audio consoles and HD projectors that would resolve their past image delay issues and greatly enhance their production capabilities, providing impact to the … Read more